Why Is It So Important For Me To Improve My Reading and Writing Skills? Is There a Purpose for My Education?

Recently, I have started studying for the SAT/ACT with Harold Levine’s Comprehensive English Review Text from Amsco Publishing. To prepare for my high school Regents exam, I used this book, and I still frequently use it as a teaching tool with my students today. It provides very good responses to the kinds of questions we all love to ponder.

Why should I work on my listening abilities?

“There are numerous advantages to becoming a better listener; here are a few examples.” Be less likely to misread an explanation and arrive to inaccurate conclusions; to be taken in by smart sales pitch” when you’re more aware of what you’re hearing and what you’re reading.

Why is it necessary for me to expand my vocabulary? Why can’t I simply use what I already know?

Aim to improve your vocabulary as one of your top priorities. Ideas are represented by words. Thinking requires the use of words. As a result of a lack of vocabulary, you will not be able to think critically or successfully receive and convey ideas at an advanced level. Improved listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will allow you to rise in your business or industry if your vocabulary expands significantly.”
What’s the use of writing and spelling correctly?

It is just as important to proofread your work before submitting it, especially whether it is a composition, term paper or letter of application for an internship or college admission. Unfortunately, spelling mistakes are often viewed as indicators of illiteracy, despite the fact that some of history’s most brilliant minds have been notoriously bad spellers. Even if you use a word processor to write, you still need to know how to spell in order to utilise a spelling-checking application. There are still no word processors available to students taking the ELA, Regents, or SAT tests.”

In order to become a better person, why do I need to attend college?

It’s a blessing to learn. As recently as a few decades ago, education was exclusively accessible to the wealthy and powerful. In our country, it is a fundamental right. Keep in mind that exercising this freedom is a luxury we enjoy. Your forebears battled for equal rights, fairness, and opportunity for all people.. You shouldn’t take anything for granted. Education is a path out of poverty and ignorance, as well as a path to a better life. Which would you prefer: a society where everyone is impoverished and uninformed, or a one where everyone is wealthy and well-informed? A person’s greatest asset is knowledge. Study today.

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