What’s Wrong With Our Education System?

This high percentage of innumeracy non our young people today is a result of something that went awry somewhere along the way in the evolution of math. During the mid-seventies, new math approaches were established. Researchers and educators began to investigate how they could improve the educational process by employing theories that had never been proven. To put it another way, let’s play around with our kids.

Because they generally follow the West’s lead, many developing countries found it difficult to adjust as new pedagogical approaches were introduced. They couldn’t afford to reprint new textbooks and retrain teachers to apply those breakthrough new ideas. The only alternative was to keep doing what was working for them and not change anything. What’s the point of trying to mend something that doesn’t need fixing?

Math education in the United States is falling behind, and we’re creating math teachers who don’t even have a bachelor’s degree in the field. Teachers in elementary and middle school math in the United States are not as well-prepared as those in other nations, according to William Schmidt, a University distinguished professor of education. As a result, “this, coupled with a substandard U.S. math curriculum, results in similar weak student success,” claimed the author of the article.
America’s students are lagging behind in these areas, according to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. According to Duncan, “I think as a real economic imperative, we have to educate our way to a stronger economy.” “The solution is to adopt international benchmark and standard to establish data systems to monitor student progress and inform instructors on how to enhance practise and turn around low-performing schools,” he added. CNN is the source for this information.

Crying over spilt milk is pointless! After all, it’s done! Picking up the pieces and starting anew is the only option. That being said, we nevertheless must retrace our steps, even if it would take two generations to reverse what we have done.

What do I do first? For starters, legislation may need to be altered. Teachers who discipline students for misbehaviour or other infractions aren’t all psychos. Child molesters don’t all hold children’s hands. It’s time for our psyche to alter and return to a more natural state. There was a time when children were afraid to notify their parents about school punishments out of fear of being disciplined by their parents.

“Parents must often take at least part of the blame or credit,” argue Willson and Hughes, two school psychologists from Texas A&M University.

It is recommended that parents get more active in their children’s education to lessen the likelihood of their child being held behind. They argue that parents can help by speaking often with teachers and taking some responsibility to supervise their children’s schoolwork and activities. Providing homework assistance to students can boost their self-esteem and performance in the classroom.

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