Tips for Students, Teachers, and Parents on Getting the Most Out of School


EDUCATION! When I hear this term, my face lights up. The term “education” refers to the process of promoting learning, or the development of knowledge and skills as well as values, attitudes and behaviours. Learning about new things, new locations, and the world itself is what I consider education to be.

Having the capacity to read and write is literate, but being educated means being able to use your literacy to your advantage, rather than relying only on it.

We question ourselves, “Why is education so necessary?” Education is critical in our daily lives, and I am confident that after reading this essay, you will understand just how crucial it is.

To begin with, being well-educated brings joy to one’s life. People who are well-educated are less likely to suffer from job insecurity and inferiority complexes because they are confident in their ability to stand up for what they believe in no matter where they are or what situation they are in. Education may not be the key to happiness per se, but it is the key to many other things that do.
As a result of being educated, you are more likely to persevere until you achieve your goals. It is possible for an ignorant individual to have more intellectual and physical capacity, but they will be unable to recognise alternative approaches to reach their goals.

The nation’s economy grows as a result of more educated citizens. People that are well-educated and not illiterate will always find ways to support themselves. People who are self-sufficient in their own finances will be a springboard for the nation’s economic progress as a whole if they work together. Although the percentage of citizens who completed at least a bachelor’s degree in Russia, Canada, Japan, Israel, and the United States has been classified as the world’s five most educated countries, the actual question is: Are they educated?

An educated person would be able to keep up with the changes in technology. Only by being aware of these changes can you stay up with the pace of change. Things like Whatsapp come to mind when I think of development. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have the likes of Whatsapp or Facebook.

The ability to think logically is a result of education. Evolution is seen as a sinister mechanism by those who aren’t well-informed. Don’t forget that education does not imply a lack of literacy, but rather the inability to use your literacy in your daily life. According to an acquaintance, internet stores like Jumia and Konga are the work of the devil. Think about it, does this indicate this lady cannot read or write? Of course not, she can read and write, but it only implies she is illiterate. Although online purchasing has its drawbacks, such as the possibility of fraud, I felt compelled to spend some time explaining these benefits to her because only an uninformed person — and by that I do not mean an illiterate person — would be fooled.

Education has many advantages, but I’d want to focus on one in particular.

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