Tips for Managing Your Time While Attending School and Working Full-Time

Let no one ever tell you that juggling a full-time job with part-time schoolwork is simple. Those who enrol in a part-time programme for advanced study may believe they can handle a light course load, but soon discover that it is challenging to juggle the demands of the course with those of a full-time job.

It is already challenging to balance work and school responsibilities when you add in a family. You should not let that stop you from doing it. What is more, taking this step right now may lead to better prospects down the road.

You should know from the outset that it will be challenging. In this way, you can make preparations in advance to ensure that you always have some level of control.

Projecting Future Challenges

If you are thinking about enrolling in part-time classes, it is important to be completely forthright with yourself and anticipate any issues that might arise. Things like the evening babysitter not showing up when expected or getting sick and missing class are just a few examples.

Here, you should give serious thought to anything minor that might get in the way of your part-time studies.

The Art of Anticipatory Problem-Solving

If you anticipate potential challenges while working or attending school, you can prepare for them in advance. In case your regular babysitter is late, sick, or otherwise unsuitable, have a back-up available on short notice.

Make sure you have a plan B ready for anything that might pop up during class and throw a wrench in your day. You plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements, such as hiring additional childcare providers so you can go directly from work to class or relocating your child care centre to be closer to your school.
If you give careful consideration to potential difficulties before they arise, you will be better prepared to deal with them when they do arise.

Perks of Being Sure of Yourself

It is natural to feel doubtful about your ability to complete a part-time course while working, but as you overcome each obstacle, your faith in your own abilities will grow. You have accepted the fact that this is going to be challenging, but you have also seen that it is possible and that there is hope as you have developed strategies for dealing with the challenges.

Some of today’s most prosperous businesspeople juggled demanding careers with academic pursuits at the expense of their personal lives. They struggled for a long time to balance everything in their lives, but it paid off in the end.

That is the precise location you are in now. You need to keep your sights on the prize if you are thinking about enrolling in a part-time degree programme to advance your career. Rather than dwelling on the difficulties you will face now, think about how much easier things could be for you in the future, once you have earned your degree and found a better job.

As opposed to dwelling on all the things that are holding you back from finishing that degree programme, you should focus on what you can do to overcome those things and finish the programme.

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