This study claims that students’ use of mobile devices and the Internet negatively impacts their academic performance.

A recently published study suggests that students’ increasing reliance on mobile devices and online content is causing academic decline and contributing to widespread grammatical errors in the classroom.

According to a report published by the Cranfield School of Management, students’ study, research, and writing skills have suffered as a result of their increased use of mobile devices and the internet.

Nearly all of the students (90%) in the study used the internet, which is twice as many as used books (45%). It also finds that six out of ten students have admitted to plagiarising online content without first reading or comprehending it, and that an astounding twenty-five percent of students consider this to be an acceptable practise. Three out of ten students admit they use text shorthand in their written assignments, indicating a decline in their English language skills.

University of Cranfield professor Andrew Kakabadse says, “Our research shows that technology obsession hinders spelling skills, implicitly encourages plagiarism, and disrupts classroom learning.” on a par playing field.

School discipline has been shown to be negatively impacted by the use of cellphones, according to the report, as students are frequently found to be breaking the rules regarding the use of cellphones in school. Despite school policies prohibiting the use of mobile phones, Andrew Kakabadse found that one-third of students admitted to using them during class. Most students, he found, made calls from the restroom. Even now, students rely heavily on their mobile phones as their primary means of interacting with peers during the school day.

Additional worrying patterns of behaviour are revealed in the report, such as the fact that many students spend up to two hours per day on social networking sites. Students as young as five were able to access the internet, and by the time they were 10, the majority of kids were using social networking sites. It has been reported that one in ten students (9%) spends more than six hours a day using the internet.
The report’s tone raises the question of whether its authors expect changes in the state of education, the state of the human mind, and the state of society as a whole. It is to be expected that educational practises would shift and adapt in response to technological developments, as they would to any number of other stimuli. Inevitably, some of these shifts will be for the worse while others are largely beneficial. It appears that the report’s highlights, which have been widely disseminated, only highlight the drawbacks of this technological evolution.

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