Consider a Field Trip to Orlando, Florida, for Your Class or Organization

A band or high school class trip to Orlando, Florida, might be an excellent idea. Students from a variety of backgrounds can find performing venues, educational institutions, and a diverse range of cultural experiences in Orlando, Florida. The student tour includes educational visits that include performances and/or workshops. In addition to high school band performances, students can participate in Disney Magic Music Days, which offers a wide variety of other performing opportunities to an international audience. Or, while in Orlando, school groups looking for further hands-on learning opportunities can participate in Disney Performing Arts Workshops.

A field trip to Orlando might be enhanced by participating in one of these two fantastic Walt Disney World educational programmes. Visits to Walt Disney World’s major theme parks, like as Universal Studios and Epcot, are a must for any well-rounded student tour. Walt Disney World also offers a variety of culturally diversified food and entertainment options.

The Disney Magic Music Festival

The joy of performing in front of a live audience is essential to the development and progress of a young musician. If you’re planning a vacation to Walt Disney World with your school’s band, choir, orchestra, dance troupe, drill team, or any other type of performance group, think about performing in front of a global audience there. Become a star on the grandest stage in the world, says Disney, right there on their website.
Make this year’s band tour something to look forward to for everyone. Plan a memorable school trip and concert tour that includes Disney Magic Music Days with the help of an experienced educational travel specialist. In order to plan an acceptable Florida field trip that includes an audition for the Disney Show, the educational tour operator will work closely with your high school band or symphony or other type of performance group. Instrumental, choral, and dance auditions are broken down into three categories by Disney. As part of Disney Magic Music Days, if your student tour group is selected, they will perform in front of a worldwide audience.

The Disney Magic Music Days performances by student tour groups have earned the endorsement of the NAfME, the national organisation for music educators. This programme is an exercise that aids in the growth of a person’s ability to study music. In addition to performing at Disney Magic Music Days, overnight field excursions to Orlando, Florida, include trips to Epcot Center, Universal Studios, and MGM Studios, as well as rides like Space Mountain and the Twilight Zone Mountain of Terror. Consider hiring a professional educational tour operator to book the Disney Magic Music Days concert and tour for your school group.

Workshops in Performing Arts at Disney

Participation in a Performing Arts Workshop is an excellent way for student tour groups visiting Orlando, Florida, to get a more in-depth understanding of Disney. Participants in the student performance tours are inspired by these seminars because of the opportunities for one-on-one engagement, coaching, and practise they provide. Professional Disney performers work with student tour groups to teach and guide them.

With auxiliary units, pom squads and colour guards, as well as drill teams and jazz and marching band members, a wide variety of artistic techniques are taught.

Disney World Performing Arts Workshops are instructional in nature and help students to improve their performance, presenting and staging skills during their tour. In the Disney Performing Arts Workshops, groups of students are eager to learn from professionals. A Disney Magic Music Days concert by the student travel group is sure to pique their interest.

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